How To Get a Big Downline Without Being a Super Promoter

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How To Get a Big Downline Without Being a SuperPromoter

Do you routinely sign up thousands of direct referrals? Me either. I do get a lot of signups for some of my programs without doing ANY promoting. Want to know my secret? I submit new programs to a downline club.

By submitting a new program, my ID becomes the ROOT ID for everyone else to sign up under in the club. If your club has several thousand members, this could be a bonanza for you.

There are a few things to look for when suggesting a new company (not every new program is accepted).

TOS (Terms of Service)
Privacy Policy
Own domain name
Not on a free hosting site
Information about the company
Contact information
Billing Information
IF the new program you're so excited about has all of the above, do a search to make sure it hasn't already been submitted for review at your club.

No? Great! Submit your program, and if it's accepted, you have the possibility of a huge downline.

What's that? WHERE do you find these new programs? Well, you...

use hit exchanges (This is often the first place new programs show up)
see a product you like? look for an affiliate program link - often at the bottom of the page.
Good product but no affiliate program? Email the webmaster and ask if they are considering an affiliate program.
Not convinced you could be the first to suggest a program? Consider this: Even though my downline club (MyECom) has over 18,000 members, only about 40 of us regularly submit new programs.

I'm just a regular "netrepreneur", and I've been able to submit several new programs. It's really a wonderful feeling to log in to a program each morning and find that my downline has increased yet again - WITHOUT doing any promoting!

Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose, and a downline to gain!

by: Heidi Moore

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